2020 F1 Cars - Red Bull RB16 Tech Review - MP349

Explaining the philosophies behind Red Bull's brand new 2020 F1 car, the RB16.
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  • Excellent content and well presented, only problem is, after thinking I was reasonably technically minded ,after watching a few of your vids I realize compared to you and other engineers I'm still at the inventing the wheel stage , the square wheel at that !!!!!!!

    strange lovestrange love4 ditë më parë
  • Another disadvantage of the high rake angle is that, especially in slower corners, the centre of gravity of the car will be much higher than low rake cars, this must reduce mechanical grip quite significantly.

    p jayp jay23 ditë më parë
  • Very good content 100X better than official and big production house

    नेति नेतिनेति नेतिMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> They do that to increase the down force ( drop in pressure occurs pressure, gradient , like diverging nozzle , one side of nozzle is ground and other size of nozzle is car underbelly , sadly no skirts ), i love Ground Effect car . Bring Back Ground Effect instead of V12 , we will have more overtaking in turns

    नेति नेतिनेति नेतिMuaj më parë
  • This was fantastic!

    Andy SpicerAndy SpicerMuaj më parë
  • 6.25 How big were coins in the 80's

    Davido ButtDavido ButtMuaj më parë
    • 😆

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Pls do a Racing Point RP20 analysis video... that would be really interesting!

    Malhaar KhaladkarMalhaar KhaladkarMuaj më parë
  • Prediction...I think red bull will initially struggle with tyre deg and blistering!

    Robert PitcherRobert PitcherMuaj më parë
  • Honestly i dont get it evrything stabilized now y change the car design seems like car are getting closer and closer i would honestly think just change the engine side to be more diverse and affordable

    sir agoy agaysir agoy agayMuaj më parë
  • Hi, Marc. Great vid... Could you talk a bit about the cameras on the cars. What are the regs. regarding positions, numbers of them and who controls them...the teams or the tv people? Cheers

    BilberryStuBilberryStuMuaj më parë
  • Amazing video!

    shut up Meg!shut up Meg!Muaj më parë
  • Ha I thought you were saying "Newey's" instead of "Bernoulli's" for a moment and that would have led to a different comment. Red Bull's nose is fully buzzword compliant, and they're really testing the limits of the "no intakes in the nose" rules.

    Phos9Phos9Muaj më parë
  • Thank you Marc for your video, very clear explained.

    Fishingwith PimFishingwith PimMuaj më parë
  • Hi Marc, regarding the packaging of the engine components under the body work, do most teams have a very similar way of which components go where? . And secondly is there any way you can show via a drawing, the general position of all the main components that go under the bodywork, i.e. power unit, mgu h and k, control electronics, radiator, turbo, etc. Thanks.

    Justin BattyJustin BattyMuaj më parë
    • Most are similar, but definitely not the same

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • With the S duct, would it not be possible to "work" the air inside the nose, and then inject it back underneath the car, making some kind of vorticees with a higher velocity. Making use of it, rather than just ejecting it as a waste product above the nose..

    Encantada-vacationEncantada-vacationMuaj më parë
    • There is very little available space...

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Hoping for a two horse race this year with the silver arrows following ....

    Chris BraidChris BraidMuaj më parë
    • I guess that there’s not much chance of that though ....

      Chris BraidChris BraidMuaj më parë
  • #AskElvis Hi Marc, or anybody else that knows the answer. Do you perhaps know if there's a new aero intake underneath the nose of the RB16 more or less at the point where the lower part of the front suspension joins the monocoque. I don't think I've ever noticed one of these inlets before. When you look closely at the picture you start showing at 11.06 min you see the inlets in between the camera's and the chassis on either side of the front nose. I've been looking at different pictures from different angles and it looks like Red Bull doesn't want us to see this inlet because they've been photoshopping/darkening the images in this area, for instance when you look (zoom in) at 05.37 min, left of the lower red circle. Maybe I'm totally incorrect but maybe you can shine your light on this. Thanks for your thorough work on all of your videos. Keep up the great work!!

    Wolter HeersinkWolter HeersinkMuaj më parë
    • Can't see I'm afraid....

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Fascinating! Where did you source the high res images from?

    Jonathan JauneauJonathan JauneauMuaj më parë
    • Red Bull media site

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • true fan

    Stan DauphinStan DauphinMuaj më parë
  • Elvis - I am somewhat of an F1 newbie, so thank you for the comprehensive yet understandable explanation of car design. Like Mr. Newey, it seems you can see air! You are singlehandedly creating a more knowledgeable F1 fan base and I hope the F1 world appreciates it as much as we do!!!

    Steven LeachSteven LeachMuaj më parë
  • Could you explain why they need an S duct and not simply a straight line up?

    zarhockzarhockMuaj më parë
    • Explained in the Alpha Tauri video👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • The worst livery is still the worst.

    James RuckmanJames RuckmanMuaj më parë
  • Thank you so much Marc, for you tech review on the RB16. Greatly appreciated!

    billgates307billgates307Muaj më parë
  • I am a fan from you explaining the F1 , its always so clear. You must be a busy men, with you’re social post and you’re TV work. Thank you for that.

    Hans KettingHans KettingMuaj më parë
  • Again a great MP vid 😎

    ImausrIImausrIMuaj më parë
  • awesome in-depth explanation, thanks a ton!!

    AleksandrasAleksandrasMuaj më parë
  • I'm just guessing here, but to me the two front rectangualr intakes on the nose are not related to the s-duct, but rather convey air down and accelerate it towards the front floor leading edge. For the s-duct you can see the NACA intake (1 on each side) just above the "cape" leading edge. Also, the "cape" itself is not properly a splitter, actually it generates a vortex to control the Y250 vortex position.

    jacktovsjacktovsMuaj më parë
  • Marc: it's all about controlling the air Fans: ahh... like a pinball machine

    Dee Dot JoNeZeeDee Dot JoNeZeeMuaj më parë
  • Adrian Newey - the aero and chassis god

    AchoAchoMuaj më parë
  • Elvis I saw you on tv yesterday and I thought "Hey I know that guy from youtube!" Then my father said you were an ex f1 mechanic. So I figured that's how he knows all the bits and pieces!

    Sicco De GrootSicco De GrootMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Mclaren and RedBull rear aero looks very different. Almost opposing therories.

    Tim WhiskerdTim WhiskerdMuaj më parë
  • Makes me think, what would the cars look like if the rules didnt change for 20 years ?

    Tim WhiskerdTim WhiskerdMuaj më parë
  • Marc you are the man for this. Keep it up it’s fantastic content for F1 fans interested in the technical side. Wonderful information

    Ryan GodfreyRyan GodfreyMuaj më parë
  • Great vid! Maybe the most ignorant q here..But what is that horizontal 'wing' attached to the engine air intake? And why is it only on one side? Wouldnt that bring an unbalance? (The one on top is the camera right?)

    Matthijs de GraafMatthijs de GraafMuaj më parë
  • #AskElvis Marc, great videos explaining the aero in each car! Is there a way we can know a bit more about what goes on underneath the body work? Suspension elements, steering components, electronics, power unit? How do the teams package everything under such a compact space? Thanks and keep it up the great work!

    Gustavo BisiGustavo BisiMuaj më parë
    • That's the bit that's much harder to see...

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Thanks for the in depth technical preview.

    Tjalle den OudenTjalle den OudenMuaj më parë
  • Why do different cars have different rims? I thought all the rims were made by OZ. Mercedes and RedBull have different rims

    Lourke BLourke BMuaj më parë
    • Each team uses their own preferred supplier.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Very good information & explanations - thanks!

    Eric HoenderopEric HoenderopMuaj më parë
  • #AskElvis , for the s-duct, what is the reason for it being in a 's' shape instead of just being angled to the exit point. Does it speed up the air or control the turbulence, etc?

    Justin BattyJustin BattyMuaj më parë
    • It has to navigate around the nose to avoid the impact absorption zone

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Absolutely love your channel, Marc! i subscribed on my phone and am always looking forward to receiving each notification. At this moment watching you from my work station at work 😁😁👌👌

    Da DaDa DaMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Red Bull.....not so good on the str8's but deadly in those corners👌🏼👌🏼💯💯

    Hardieboy 76Hardieboy 76Muaj më parë
  • Thank you Marc. With your exelent explaine about how the RB16 body works I think this is the Championcar of 2020 for Max. It will be an incredible thrilling year. :)

    Hans SchoensHans SchoensMuaj më parë
  • Thanks for the in-depth, very interesting. We all wish a competitive 2020.

    Ponte RomanoPonte RomanoMuaj më parë
  • And still you manage to crank out an awesome video and enthused while doing so. Great stuff! We appreciate the effort!

    Roel de VriesRoel de VriesMuaj më parë
  • Hello F1 fan scrolling through this comment section! I have started a new channel 'The Braking Point' and have recently uploaded an interview with former Ferrari F1 team member. Come and check it out, also subscribing, liking and sharing my channel would be greatly appreciated! Thank you an enjoy. BTW, nice job Williams! Spot on with the livery.

    The Braking PointThe Braking PointMuaj më parë
  • Marc why is the S duct an S shape? Is it to slow the air down before it exits? Or it it to avoid suspension parts inside the nose?

    WiseGuy02WiseGuy02Muaj më parë
    • @Marc Priestley F1 Elvis ah, wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks.

      WiseGuy02WiseGuy02Muaj më parë
    • It's to avoid the mandatory impact absorption zone inside the nose.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Yep red bull been so effective at winning zero championships

    G CamelG CamelMuaj më parë
  • Hi Marc, what do you make of the slots on the side of the nose, just below the nose of the red bull (the actual red image of the bull)? These slots are new, and I thought since the coinslot nose also was new those slots might feed into there?

    Roger BosmanRoger BosmanMuaj më parë
  • this is the video i was always waiting for .. thank you so much!! now the newbies can understand. very intresting .

    lange71 krakapoilange71 krakapoiMuaj më parë
  • Me: The car looks no different 🤷‍♂️ Marc: Hold my beer...

    Andy McBrideAndy McBrideMuaj më parë
    • 😆

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Does redbulls high rake design philosophy fit the 2021 regulations car design or do they need to change that philosophy?

    Silverfox SilverfoxSilverfox SilverfoxMuaj më parë
    • @Marc Priestley F1 Elvis Game on for 2021I am looking forward more to that than this year.

      Silverfox SilverfoxSilverfox SilverfoxMuaj më parë
    • Completely different way of producing df next year, so it's a total rethink.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Best technical commentary over this year's launch season.

    Mucky VagrantMucky VagrantMuaj më parë
  • Marc, other technical analysists suggest that the S-duct is primarily for injecting air at the top of the chassis to encourage "flow attachment". You offered a completely different explanation of getting rid of turbulent air and depositing it somewhere "less harmful". Do you disagree with the other stance?

    Keegan LeahyKeegan LeahyMuaj më parë
    • @Marc Priestley F1 Elvis thanks :) looking forward to the williams vid

      Keegan LeahyKeegan LeahyMuaj më parë
    • Yes, that used to be my understanding, but having spoken with team aero guys in detail, it is as I explained.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • I dont have the rule manual. Can any1 explain why you cant make the rake strictly an interior factor by making a side skirt then a flat paralletl surface to the floor maybe centimeters long? if anyone has a problem understanding what I mean I would love to make a sketch to illustrate what I mean. I know.side skirts are illegal. However, if you "slip" a perpendicular surface at the bottom end of the subject, that's where I think you can get around the rules yah know.

    carlos caracitascarlos caracitasMuaj më parë
    • @Marc Priestley F1 Elvis Yes I assumed it was, however I never heard any regulations on it! Maybe you could go over it this concept in your next Q and A video? I don't have a twitter account but I am most active on YT.

      carlos caracitascarlos caracitasMuaj më parë
    • That is illegal, otherwise they would do it!

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • When the technical details are made easier! You're a very good teacher Marc, Top work.......

    Jason McLarenJason McLarenMuaj më parë
  • But why is S-duct shaped like S and not straight line?

    Tatu NykänenTatu NykänenMuaj më parë
    • Because it has to navigate around the edge of the nose to avoid impeding the mandated crash structure properties.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • #askelvis I was taught the S-duct was used to keep boundary layer from detaching at the transition between the nose and monocoque. That made sense to me except that air would then create a mess at the cockpit/driver... your explanation of this being a solution to eject “extra” air that would otherwise pile up or add turbulence at the nose makes much more sense, especially because of how it slows that air down, creating higher pressure at the duct’s exit. My question: is there anything to the boundary layer/attachment theory or have I had it wrong this whole time? Thanks, as always, for the incredible insight!

    Dan DDan DMuaj më parë
    • I'll be honest, that used to be my understanding too, but having spoken to team aerodynamicists on the subject its primary function is as I explained. There may be some small additional gain in delaying separation along the nose/chassis transition, but it's not what it's there for.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
    • Dan D my understanding is the same, the s duct keeps the air flow attached over the nose hump stopping it becoming turbulent

      tomatwaldentomatwaldenMuaj më parë
  • #AskElvis not too technical car related question, but interested to know what a race mechanic really do? What’s a day in a life, let say? And why did you leave McLaren?

    eocseocsMuaj më parë
    • That could be a video in itself, but I left after being there for almost 10 years, when we won the title with Lewis and I had young kids that I wasn't seeing enough of.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • I have been looking for a good channel like KYLE.ENGINEERS for over a year now, and I want to thank you for making obscure aerodynamics content. I will subscribe.

    Capital VCapital VMuaj më parë
    • Thank you.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Helmet is gonna order a death squad to ya house, be ware.

    Alfie AolomonsAlfie AolomonsMuaj më parë
    • 😆

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Your genuine excitement, understanding, and love for areo packages shows in these videos. Glad you're enjoying car reveal February. And thanks for the great analysis

    Phillip GonzalesPhillip GonzalesMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • You should drop the links to those hi res pics in the description 👀 btw love the content!!

    Olivier DelarosaOlivier DelarosaMuaj më parë
    • They're available from the Red Bull media site.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • sister team how long before 4way fight ?

    shane pearceshane pearceMuaj më parë
    • several years away min.

      T CroftT CroftMuaj më parë
  • I find it amazing that Coca-Cola have never jumped on the opportunity to have an F1 car looking exactly like a Coca-cola bottle as it would look amazing and would be !brilliant for their marketing, not that they need to be advertising their product but!how good would it look!

    Guy FawkesGuy FawkesMuaj më parë
    • Chevrolet CR 01 www.behance.net/gallery/66881955/Chevrolet-Racing-F1-concept-livery-(Late-Braking)

      Robert PitcherRobert PitcherMuaj më parë
    • UPS should sponsor. lol

      P. Patrick TukkersP. Patrick TukkersMuaj më parë
  • Best analysis I have seen. Appreciate the effort.

    Joe SheppardJoe SheppardMuaj më parë
  • Brilliant overview and so well explained Marc, thank you mate ...

    Jeremy SmithJeremy SmithMuaj më parë
  • Great video! Just a question to a point about the wheels at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a>. Do we see any any road car manufactures or aftermarket produce these kinds of wheels?

    Robin CristobalRobin CristobalMuaj më parë
    • There's no requirement on road cars for that much heat dissipation, so wheel design is much more about styling than anything else.

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • I love the way you describe the aero. I can almost see exactly where the air is flowing. I love this stuff. Thanks Mark.

    Annette HuppatzAnnette HuppatzMuaj më parë
  • I don’t know why But every year we are hearing about Redbull Will fight for the the championship. But this year it’s a different feeling. This year is the year that they are going to do it. I think Honda made Some crazy progress this winter. Because the interviews with Max, Horner are feeling different. Because you can see they are soooooo happy But they want to play it cool. It’s going to be a crazy F1 season!!!!! Starting from day 1!,,,,, i can not wait. Also are you compare the cars from what we have seen now to when they come to Australia. There Will be few differents. I hope than you Will do a update video of what they have added to there car.

    ismail charfoufismail charfoufMuaj më parë
  • I have so been looking forward to your tech spec on the Red Bull, and I have not been disappointed. An excellent video, thanks Marc.

    Les ShrubbLes ShrubbMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Well all my cars are 90s toyotas so i still have those coin holders....🙄 Maybe i'm getting old

    Deftones DsmDeftones DsmMuaj më parë
    • 😆

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge of these F1 cars, it helps make F1 the great motorsport it is, by educating us on the finer points of the sport, Thanks again Marc

    OlderThanDirtOlderThanDirtMuaj më parë
    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Thanks for another great video Marc. It might just be the camera angle, but the S duct outlet seems to look like it would be taking air in, not expelling it. #AskElvis

    Russ BurtonRuss BurtonMuaj më parë
    • Just a shroud over the top of the exit duct...

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
    • I thought that.

      Thunderace7Thunderace7Muaj më parë
  • loved the video, good stuff. rbh only hope against merc

    Fabio McCareeFabio McCareeMuaj më parë
  • #AskElvis Hi Marc, Don't you think its a little disrespectful to all of the other Red Bull engineers to put so much emphasis on Adrian Newey's contribution to the design. He seems to get all of the praise, which doesn't seem to happen with other teams. As you have said, F1 teams stand out partly due to the way they work together.

    CGC 13CGC 13Muaj më parë
    • He's the guy leading the design process, I'm definitely not suggesting he does it on his own!

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Finally one can now actually see the Honda brand on there...

    L.GH. DjoetmaL.GH. DjoetmaMuaj më parë
  • I know its near to impossible to make any predictions from this and at this stage, but still it would be awesome to get some kind of guestimate from having analyzed all cars which one seems to have the theoretical edge..

    Stop Wasting- use ShareRing! - sharering.networkStop Wasting- use ShareRing! - sharering.networkMuaj më parë
    • @Marc Priestley F1 Elvis plus it will all change before Australia and maybe even before week two at testing. I mean look at Ferrari at testing last year.

      Annette HuppatzAnnette HuppatzMuaj më parë
    • There really is no point as it would be nothing but a wild guess I'm afraid

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • No need to apologize for the lighting! The less we see your face the . . . (never mind) 🤣 Your video’s are much appreciated!

    ConservatorConservatorMuaj më parë
    • 😆

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • Tremendous Marc!!!!! Love your insight and technical analysis!! I personally love the changes employed. F1 is the greatest and most intriguing racing on the planet! Thanks for your insight.

    • 👍

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë
  • best tech reviews on youtube by far... greatly appreciated !!! why do you think ferrari did not go with a slimmed down nose like most other teams i.e. what are the benefits of the wider nose section?

    Sean CarmenSean CarmenMuaj më parë
    • It does create a different effect as air rolls over from top of nose to bottom, so presumably they see that as more beneficial to the zone underneath on their car...

      Marc Priestley F1 ElvisMarc Priestley F1 ElvisMuaj më parë