Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks!

On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and the crew are in Mexico and heading out on an adventure where they encounter their very first Great White Sharks -- in the kill zone!
Get ready, you're about to watch the crew enter the kill zone with some Great White Sharks!
Thank you to the Pelagic Fleet! Check out their website for more information: pelagicfleet.com/
And another big thank you to Brian Ernst and Will Strathman for their additional cinematography! Follow Will on Instagram to see his awesome photography: bit.ly/2svPbOf
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The Blue Wilderness series is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close marine life encounters! Follow along as host Mark Vins and wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa lead you on amazing journeys into deepest depths of our worlds oceans. From sharks to shipwrecks there will always be something new to discover…so GET READY…things are about to get aquatic!
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  • Take that salt life sticker off you're truck right now

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  • Plot twist: Mark becomes the new Coyote

    Plainsight _Plainsight _30 minuta më parë
  • Mark gets bit Also Mark: Are you ok?

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  • COYOTE NEEDS TO GO FIND THE Dryococelus australis

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  • Mark: with my 2 best friends Me: awwwwww

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  • The only AL-projectsd who doesn’t lie

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  • 47 meters down

  • The fish were like... you dont see me

    Numele ANumele A2 orë më parë
  • I'm Coyote Peterson,and I'm about to enter a zone of 800 white sharks and get eaten until there's nothing left in me.

    av Hesterav Hester2 orë më parë
  • wait what happened to coyote?

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  • Sharks aren’t even dangerous tho???

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  • About a year ago I said that this was going to happen

    IM_ABOT FortniteIM_ABOT Fortnite4 orë më parë
  • I’m Coyote Peterson, and today I’m going to enter the STING ZONE of the Flu shot

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  • Wow, imagine being struck as a floating swimmer like that...just...would be over, lol.

    SometimesTurtleSometimesTurtle4 orë më parë
  • ENTERING THE KILLZONE WITH GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!!!!!!!!! Actual video : Steps in on cage🤣

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  • You should write an adventure book based on all your memories and interactions with animals

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  • Nobody: Coyote: My name is Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the kill zone of a neutron star.

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  • (Idk if he has a nat geo show) but if he doesn’t he needs one

  • Your a legend!!

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  • We’re in coyote

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  • „Reality sunk in” Advertisement exactly after this sentence from Milka: “You got the love”

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  • Mark: *being eaten by shark* Coyote: "Hey Mark" *smirks* "you okay?"

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  • Can white sharks makes som kind of sound?????

  • 9:53 someone get the shark a screen protector

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  • Hi, I’m coyote Peterson, and I just made you say this in my voice.

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  • Coyote can you get stung by Japanese giant hornet please 🙏

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  • A 11 minute video speaking without stopping for even one second. You talk too much.

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  • Usually these kinds of videos are clickbait. *im not disapointed*

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  • The actual video starts at 6:17. Your welcome for saving u all the boringnesssss

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