Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 3-2 victory against Aston Villa.
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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> why not pass to son

    jae1k2jae1k29 ditë më parë
  • フンミン、投稿者とてをきっていた。😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

    東祐子東祐子13 ditë më parë
  • I see my brother from Tanzania mbwana samatta I'm so proud for that 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿

    Fakihi SalumuFakihi Salumu15 ditë më parë
  • My favorite football team is Tottenham and Bayern munich

    장달콩장달콩23 ditë më parë
    • Korea

      위닝군위닝군14 ditë më parë
  • I want Son back... I miss winning...

    CharlesWhyCharlesWhy26 ditë më parë
  • Check out my Son Tottenham vlog in my channel

    천방지축 브스로그천방지축 브스로그Muaj më parë
  • And, Sonny seem to have a problem with his calf. Since just before Boxing Day, he has complained that the calf is sick. I think he should rest this season. Played so many games since last year

    ppppMuaj më parë
  • Mourinho!!! Don't waste your money trying to recruit Forsbury and use Jedsong as a fake saw or a starting pitcher.

    Mourinho빡쳐Mourinho빡쳐Muaj më parë
  • Son...gohan... that's why 😏

    Amaterasu7799勇弥Amaterasu7799勇弥Muaj më parë
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> sonny's right arm is broken

    박재광박재광Muaj më parë
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> 🔥💘 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

  • I miss you sonny.

    맹맹규맹맹규Muaj më parë
  • Son is the best Asian football player

    Jiun-Yan LaiJiun-Yan LaiMuaj më parë
  • Son, your speed is amazing😁💓👍

    MTV 7MTV 7Muaj më parë
  • How comes son is injured🤔🤔🤔 i think the surgery is the pain son has because he went all the way to the end without any sign of felling pain 😶😶😶 i think the should have let son just continue to play rather than doing unnecessary surgery...😔😔😔 stay blessed son7🔥

    Masika AloyceMasika AloyceMuaj më parë
  • Son we miss you

    차유석차유석Muaj më parë
  • Son Son al-projects.info/it/video/sHyZjXWbtYd2j34

    It's LexoIt's LexoMuaj më parë
  • may sonny come back strong and healthy 💙🥰

    w e a r e o n e h a p p i n e s sw e a r e o n e h a p p i n e s sMuaj më parë
  • Get well soon SON!

    KevinKevinMuaj më parë
  • Son was a true "PARASITE" for Aston Villa's defence ✌🏻😉 #coys

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuMuaj më parë
  • Killer instinct. One shot one kill. Well done Sonny.

    misolou foutmisolou foutMuaj më parë
  • Sonny: Booster ON at the final moments of the match... what a goal :-D

    Julie OJulie OMuaj më parë
  • Son is like don't touch my arm

    gnsgml11gnsgml11Muaj më parë
    • Eheka hamumuwani Nakamba haapo

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuMuaj më parë
  • I’m very proud of him I love you Son😍

    망고망고Muaj më parë
    • 손 사랑해요♡♡♡

      misolou foutmisolou foutMuaj më parë
  • Heungmin AAA...Even if Tottenham let you go, true fans will wait for you. Don't throw away the soccer and do what you want to do. I am so proud of you, Korea, which is your hometown, AAA...

    박근혜박근혜Muaj më parë
  • all that plays with broken arm.. miss you already, #sonny

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
    • I❤ spuer

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
  • kuckia jina la mnyama SAMATAA Inatoshaa.

    Ka BestKa BestMuaj më parë
  • my soul

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMuaj më parë
    • Son how is that even humanly possible ?

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
  • Son was just punished because he was a shameless. He thinks he's an overrated crybaby. Think about the foul you did last time.

    日本は強い日本は強いMuaj më parë
    • This Japanese nazi is trolling again? Boring af

      SeriouslySeriously13 ditë më parë
    • What a shame of you Japanese - N A K A M U R A San.

      Sun BlueSun Blue21 ditë më parë
    • Fu c k ashima

      Jaxsun MJaxsun MMuaj më parë
    • Whata u doing here? Go livarpool channel and chatter about your man~

      meow 7meow 7Muaj më parë
    • japanese being possessed by an inferiority complex. where is minamino with no injury? heat bench up?

      ken dominicaken dominicaMuaj më parë
  • The most happy time winning

    Funny TVFunny TVMuaj më parë
    • Son how is that even humanly possible ?

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
  • Son is much more better than Ali. Ali never passes the ball to Son, so selfish.

    枫叶哥追剧枫叶哥追剧Muaj më parë
    • Good pl'an of coucher ur guud team better than to day not less than tomorrow

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMuaj më parë
  • son of a bitch!

    Mukhtar YaserMukhtar YaserMuaj më parë
  • Ilove spurs from Algeira

    ahmed dzahmed dzMuaj më parë
  • Killer instinct. One shot one kill. Well done Sonny.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
  • al-projects.info/it/video/sHR9rXuTyHqEsaQ

    Phan Phúc ITVPhan Phúc ITVMuaj më parë
  • Now we know the reason why liverpool sold Reina

    Jasper KoJasper KoMuaj më parë
  • the remarkable thing is, son broke his elbow inside the first 60 seconds and carried on(and spurs) to win the game

    NordNordMuaj më parë
    • 요즘 토트넘팬들보면..확실히 느끼는게....이제는 손흥민이 토트넘을 떠날때가 됐다

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMuaj më parë
  • Eheka hamumuwani Nakamba haapo

    David MukumbiDavid MukumbiMuaj më parë
  • 손 사랑해요♡♡♡

    딘제임스딘제임스Muaj më parë
  • I❤ spuer

    sopeak jehosopeak jehoMuaj më parë
  • al-projects.info/it/video/yJCMbY2j2GSmf6A

    Mentul KidulMentul KidulMuaj më parë
  • better than messi,ronaldo 🐐🐐

    kimchipappikimchipappiMuaj më parë
  • We don't have a door toWe should have someone to protect... You will have to play that role as a one-man team. I am a Korean fan, but Tottenham fans, please stop cursing at home and cheer for me. It's hard for the whole nation to see it.

    박근혜박근혜Muaj më parë
  • The most surprising part is that son broke his arm on the 1st minute and played the whole game scored a second goal on the last minute and now time for surgery. Holy crap Son how is that even humanly possible ?

    Good JujuGood JujuMuaj më parë
    • In fact... He is not human...🕹

      minjae seominjae seoMuaj më parë
  • SON > kane In Son We Trust.🙏🏼

    R RR RMuaj më parë
  • Good pl'an of coucher ur guud team better than to day not less than tomorrow

    Guidott onlineGuidott onlineMuaj më parë
  • Morinho nên mua văn hậu về thì hàng thủ mới chắc chắn dc

    Nam TranNam TranMuaj më parë
  • Son coulnt move his right arm properly during the game.. Now I realized..

    So MiSo MiMuaj më parë
  • SONALDO el 7 bravo.... grande Son-....

    Alvaro CarloAlvaro CarloMuaj më parë
  • 앗 봐버렷다.... 오늘경기 끝나면 손흥민만 찾고있는 예전손까들의 모습을...

    말까말까Muaj më parë
  • Hot VIDEO: New Xfunny Video Comedy Ep 13.. 👇👇👇👇👇 al-projects.info/it/video/kXWseK1rvZFiiH4

    D255 TVD255 TVMuaj më parë
  • 요즘 토트넘팬들보면..확실히 느끼는게....이제는 손흥민이 토트넘을 떠날때가 됐다

    자세히보기자세히보기Muaj më parë
    • 손흥민 그렇게 까고 골 늘때만 잠깐 좋아하더니 이제 손흥민 없으니까 쳐 발리는거 보니까 존나 웃김 ㅋㅋㅋ

      gnsgml11gnsgml11Muaj më parë
  • The best commentating line was : Pepe Reina from Defoe to Son.

    akash narainakash narainMuaj më parë
  • Arsenal could grab him next season.. XD

    kozmo kramerkozmo kramerMuaj më parë
  • Even made 2 goals with fractured arm for the last 90 mins...just for team's victory What a respectful Son's dedication for TOT

    cosmo Kcosmo KMuaj më parë
  • Govnari

    Mihajlo StankovicMihajlo StankovicMuaj më parë
  • Watching this again made me feel so brokenhearted knowing that Sonny played with an injured arm all along and still managed to score 2 goals. His endurance is remarkably undeniable and his love for the team. We can't thank you enough! Hope the surgery goes well. I'm praying for your fast recovery so as to gain your strength again! For our team, we still BELIEVE!!! #COYS!!!

    Klea M. FernandezKlea M. FernandezMuaj më parë
  • To my fellow Tottenham fans SON IS INJURED FOR ABOUT 3-4 months rip all because levy is a Stingey prick and won’t buy another 2 strikers or winger We won’t have a proper striker now for the champions league game

    Its CurleyIts CurleyMuaj më parë
  • I like this Guy so much. His spirit, his speed, his technical abilities...

    mbock hansmbock hansMuaj më parë
    • And very kind ...human side ... fair play too

      Amaterasu7799勇弥Amaterasu7799勇弥Muaj më parë
  • En las celebraciones es evidente la gractura de Son :(

    dxmxll 14dxmxll 14Muaj më parë
  • Lloris u need to thank son... Lloris play so bad..

    Alan & juiAlan & juiMuaj më parë
  • As a Korean, I think Son deserves ballon d'or this season because Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi>Ronaldo>Neymar>Mbappe>Hazard and rest of them are trash

    손흥민넘버원손흥민넘버원Muaj më parë
    • 이래서 손뽕이 국가 망신을 줌 손흥민 욕먹이기

      제승원제승원Muaj më parë
    • You are not korean😫

      주디주디Muaj më parë
    • Ok, he is not korean

      도도도도Muaj më parë
  • 손흥민 가즈아

    Cho KevinCho KevinMuaj më parë
  • Let go spurs😀😀😀😀

    80rakeshnair80rakeshnairMuaj më parë
  • all that plays with broken arm.. miss you already, #sonny

    djongdjongMuaj më parë
  • Fifa scripting confirmed

    Thanh Hiếu NguyễnThanh Hiếu NguyễnMuaj më parë
  • All the goals are just players bouncing back. Toby: Scores own goal and scores for us 18 minutes later. Engels: Concedes penalty and goes on to score a goal. Son: Gets his very badly taken penalty saved but scores the rebound and gets a second.

    Tyler FCTyler FCMuaj më parë
  • Pause at 56 ish seconds you can see his arm flopping when the penalty was saved yeah his arm looks broken and he didn't feel that wow

    QuarantinioQuarantinioMuaj më parë
  • Fractured his right arm in the 1st minute. What a guy to be able to play through all that. But how the hell is he not pushing people away during the goal celebrations. I see them all handling him. Must be excruciatingly pain with a fracture. Mystery.

    Dude Trust MeDude Trust MeMuaj më parë
    • Dude Trust Me . It’s the adrenaline. And also his need to pull through for his team

      frappuccinoaddictfrappuccinoaddictMuaj më parë
  • How did he break his hand?

    Boru AdamBoru AdamMuaj më parë
    • 54 seconds into the game, he got tackled and landed harshly on his arm.

      Dude Trust MeDude Trust MeMuaj më parë
  • The fact that son’s arm is fractured throughout the game is mindblowing.

    Lily BinghamLily BinghamMuaj më parë
    • @Masika Aloyce It happened from the tackle in the 35 seconds into the game....not even a minute. So he basically played through it with a complete fractured arm for 94 minutes.

      Jess WJess WMuaj më parë
    • How did it happen while he was able to go all the way to score the last min goal ...🤔🤔🤔

      Masika AloyceMasika AloyceMuaj më parë
  • Son memang oke

    Damai TVDamai TVMuaj më parë
    • hampir 2bulan

      프로게이프로게이Muaj më parë
    • ga bisa main 2bulan.. sayang

      프로게이프로게이Muaj më parë
  • Son is No.1 is ASIA

    GwaniL LimGwaniL LimMuaj më parë
  • Ale gòwno tylko bayern!!!!

    Jasiek KlukowskiJasiek KlukowskiMuaj më parë
  • This commentating is awful

    Harvey WilliamsHarvey WilliamsMuaj më parë

    DyatlovDyatlovMuaj më parë
  • Mourinho: Son, you are my son/sun.

    Hwan OhHwan OhMuaj më parë
  • Son So S Se Sen Sens Sensa Sensat Sensati Sensatio Sensation

    Siddhant NalgundwarSiddhant NalgundwarMuaj më parë
  • Sou Brasileiro e sou Louco pelo Tottenham👊👎❤❤Son❤ H.Kane

    G2 CORINGA FFG2 CORINGA FFMuaj më parë
  • Your commentater is shit

    matthew vaissierematthew vaissiereMuaj më parë