How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)

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Here is the Glo Germ powder I used (not sponsored). This would make for a great science object lesson-
Tools on my bench from Carlyle-




  • Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

    Mark RoberMark Rober2 muaj më parë
    • Good luck mark and the rest of the states you got a large virus as your leader.

      reaperrowreaperrow12 ditë më parë
    • There's a science sure, and it's all well in theory. But in practise it's totally impossible to avoid catching it. Just like trying to avoid the seasonal flus. You think you can go 2 years without catching it? You're delusional! Even doctors and nurses get it and they know how to wear double masks+glasses+plexiglass in front of them. Anyway don't worry. You're playing dice every time you breathe. it's got only 0.2% death rate. So the odds are in your favor. Unless you're old of course when it rises to 10% range.

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    • Silly man

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    • Thank you for making this video. I am the leader of my next door neighborhood and have been searching for a good demonstration of transfer. You did an excellent job! Now I need some of that powder to test my skills, lol

      Jedi MoodyJedi MoodyMuaj më parë
  • That one kid haha "FORTNITE!"

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  • Awesome vid

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  • Im not good im scared

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  • Who else washed their hands after watching this video 🙂 👇 Like if u did....

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  • I just stay inside all day

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  • aight, i'll do 1 minute then.

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  • just look at the kid with the ninja shirt

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  • That’s so cool!

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    • Where’d you get the stuff from I need it specially while the coronavirus is around sooooooo where do you get it from?

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  • Now dont touch mark

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  • Hi if you are reading this I hope you have a good day and if u are having a bad day then make someone else’s day good because you know what it feels like to have a bad day

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  • Wow This is very very cool!

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  • You should have Test That if u spray It With alcohol If it'll Die. I mean the Bacteria.

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  • Good job your smart

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  • Does it say Kerbal on your shirt?

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  • Child:teacher can u shake my hands to- Teacher:NeVeR U hAvE CoRoNaViRuS Me:...

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  • Why the heck are they at school???

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  • Yeah but they also make your immune system better.

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  • i think its safe to say he's a star war fan

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  • Social distance is really good:)

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  • What if your Hispanic and you sing the happy birthday cause sing extra stuff lol

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a> is that KERBAL?

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  • Man this guy knows how to make videos

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  • my guy has ginormous brain

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  • I know why people started online school... Its because of that one... ONE kid that screamed Fortnite

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  • 2 months and 100000 US deaths later...

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  • I will never understand why people are so afraid of germs... the human race has obviously survived without both soap and hand sanitizer... I think we can do it again.

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  • Ight mark do be on tv tho

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  • U r amazing ❤️jenn

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a> I used to play with my legos

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  • Real date may 30 AL-projects 2months ago dat when it was posted may 18 Me: hmmmmm

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  • You know this is shocking, I’m 11 Years old almost 12 and I hate work! But you make things seem so much easier and so much more interesting and funny! 😂❤️ So thanks for making me interested in science because I love it!

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="453">7:33</a> My fellow Italians. Beautiful.

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  • America hit the 100,000 deaths milestone already...

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  • Who else was watching this on their phone?

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  • you make science so fun!!!

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  • DNA or RNA?

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  • Mark Rober: *exists* CoronaVirus: @.@ Mark: IMMA RUIN THIS THING WHOLE CAREER

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  • I remember my first year in college. Man, I did NOT enjoy CAD

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  • 3 weeks nah fam the rest of the school year

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  • Why were'nt you wearing a mask?

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  • One of the kids hade a ninja shirt XD

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  • Someone gotta beat their meat and use the powder on their hands lmao

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  • How did u get it

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  • We need more people like Mark in the world

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  • We did this in my science class. My teacher put it on a stuffed talking piece and after our discussion and we were thoroughly disgusted

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  • There are germs everywhere and that's why we have skin. Get over it.

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  • My teacher used this as my assignment :)

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  • Notice people can rob you if ur house has a code and uses this...

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> Mark: I tried this myself using the typical quick way I do it in my muscle memory Me: Yeah, my muscle memory makes me roll up my sleeves. That way they don't get wet.

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  • How are thay in school?

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    • That was from two months ago

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  • before this virus started i did all of this

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  • And don't forget: being to clean and sanitize everything, makes you more vulnerable to infection because you never let your immune system training. There is a good reason why children who have grown whit a pet or play in dirt and wood on lived on a farm, have better immunity.

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> that's what she said

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  • Government: Makes something so you can see germs as bright green spots Anti vax kids: “MOM IM TURNING INTO THE HULK!!!!!”

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  • cool stuff :D

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  • Who is not from The USA and only has like 500 deaths in there country I do I have 106 in Australia USA sucks

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  • Remember that mouthwash commercial that apparently shows the germs that come out your mouth . I knew it was bs

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