I Did The Break Up Prank On Damien & It Went Down Hill!
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  • What I hate about boys is that they wanna go back to you even though they like somebody else this why I dated my sister .

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  • Prank🤣🤪 boy iss a prank

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  • Who loves god and Jesus tumbs up or down

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  • D said I got to make sure my fans straight

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  • Lol one Damien whooped her iam dead lol

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  • Team Biannca

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  • It's funny because she trying not to laugh the whole time

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> your welcome

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  • That went wrong

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  • I hit the hell and I subscribe and y'all a cute couple and it was funny when he tried to hug you and kiss you he said we going on vacation he said let me get my suitcase

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  • i love the vodos

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  • Awww Y'all R Cute Couples And Have A Beautiful Family 👪 💕

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  • I love u👸🤴😎💓

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  • hi the prince family ti is rebekah

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  • Damien i feel bad for you on this prank not to lie

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  • He be abusing her why did he just choke her like that

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  • This is how much Damian loves Bianca 👇🏻👇🏻

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> is when he started to strangle Bianca Go check it out

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  • I love u

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  • I like how he cares

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  • I love this couple they are amazing ppl. 💜 they truly love eachother beautiful family.

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  • That's a real man wow 👏👏👏💖💙💖💙💖💗

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  • Team Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca

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  • nle

  • Team Damien

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  • Sorry for my dialogue guys it's kind of messey

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  • My' chicken better "than yours"

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  • Team B he got mad

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  • Intro lyrics: How the hell they gon judge us oh he came from the bottom we ain't never had enough we was livin like rough now we good now we straight now we up now we good now we straight now we up~ how the hell gon judge us oh he came from the bottom we ain't never had enough we was livin like rough now we good now we straight now we up now we good now we straight now we up~ 19 minutes of my work ;-; also sorry if i misspelled of got anything wrong i tried :P

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  • U lived in Indiana I live in grant county

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  • "Diapers on their butts" 😂😂

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  • I have my notifications on and I'm subscribed I liked almost every one of your videos

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  • Everytime she does this he tries to make things better nd dat b makin me cry lmao

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  • I did a tutorial Granny Gameplay on my channel check it out! 😈

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  • Team biannca 💯💯💓💯💓 love your hair and nails

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  • Bro I will whoop the crap out of him for hitting a girl no 🧢

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  • Hello I love and you your the best AL-projects and my famjoy love and I love DJ

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  • Good prank Bean a

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  • yes

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  • Team biannaca

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  • she got him good

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  • We got each other 🥺😭❤️😌

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  • this look like the have alot of problems before this prank

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  • I commented liked and subscribe biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca gang

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  • I hope a man run behind me like this .....yasss lord ❤❤

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  • Bianca from India??

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  • Team Biancaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • I hate my man's phone too😢😡.. he does the same thing I felt her right there.. nd how he ain't the same..

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  • I love Jane the virgin team Bianca

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  • I live in Indiana

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  • I like how they laughing but it's a prank. 😂😂

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  • I turned on the post notifications

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  • Damien:let me smell them Also Damien:damn wtf

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  • The situation gone be fixed by me bouncing lol Bianca

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  • I hate damien🙄🖕🏾

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  • Who is reading in 2020

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  • I be giving you hikeys like whattttttttt

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="721">12:01</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="741">12:21</a> he’s got a point biannca

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  • omg team b

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  • I'm on Team Bianca

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