it's been OVER 2 YEARS since I played CLASH OF CLANS....

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it's been OVER 2 YEARS since I played CLASH OF CLANS....
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  • it's been OVER 2 YEARS since I played CLASH OF CLANS....

    nickatnytenickatnyteMuaj më parë
    • More

      Bo Hovgaard ThomasenBo Hovgaard Thomasen28 ditë më parë
    • Good to see you back on clash of clans

      RichardRichardMuaj më parë
    • More clash of clans please!

      Tyler AlbrightTyler AlbrightMuaj më parë
    • Stay on Clash!! I'll be watching when you're on 13

      Steve OrtegaSteve OrtegaMuaj më parë
    • nickatnyte yo thats crazy bro but, i dont remember asking...

      Blaise on ytBlaise on ytMuaj më parë
  • More clash of clans videos plz

    Gavin HillGavin Hill14 ditë më parë
  • Stop that thown hall and fix ur walls! asap

    Emily FloresEmily Flores24 ditë më parë
  • i love this

    Jovin KailaJovin Kaila25 ditë më parë
  • Goes into CoC immediately buys everything. Doesn't even know what it is xD

    Frederico SaraggaFrederico Saragga26 ditë më parë
  • Nick: 20:42 Eminem has left the chat

    OfficerGoodGuyOfficerGoodGuy27 ditë më parë

    Pro_MobileGaming01Pro_MobileGaming01Muaj më parë
  • More CoC Videos please

    Omar Rosales VenturaOmar Rosales VenturaMuaj më parë
  • We want this game back

    Max ValentineMax ValentineMuaj më parë
  • Yeah, you done that only because you think some players will enter your name into creator code for support. Coc players you better support someone who actually plays the game. Cheers!

    Aleksandar JokicAleksandar JokicMuaj më parë
    • Yea I quickly realized that this is a one time deal so I didn't use his code

      VincentVanDough gendersVincentVanDough gendersMuaj më parë
  • For builder base attack strategy, use giants and behind them cannon carts

    Alec LarkinAlec LarkinMuaj më parë
  • walls and defenses are the most important to upgrade

    River DennisRiver DennisMuaj më parë
  • Boom Beach? 🤔

    Odysseas AgkosOdysseas AgkosMuaj më parë

    Nicholas FrymierNicholas FrymierMuaj më parë
  • I want more of this!!!

    Harshpreet SinghHarshpreet SinghMuaj më parë
  • You should try to funnel with 2 e drags on the corners that the kill squad might get distracted by best of luck.

    Khalid HKhalid HMuaj më parë
  • More clash please

    Nicholas BauerNicholas BauerMuaj më parë
  • Also use a e drag at each side to funnel the rest of the e drags to go into the center and the balloons should go infront of the e drags to take and seeking air mines and you should Have a little bit more of them plus have a stone slammer as your siege machine

    Saketh ChilumulaSaketh ChilumulaMuaj më parë
  • Nick when the townhall is on the outside it means that they have a base that is so to wall wrecker kinda cause the ww goes straight for the th so you want it to got through as many walls and layers as you want

    Saketh ChilumulaSaketh ChilumulaMuaj më parë
  • Try do queen walks or warden walks 👋😀

    V7 PANDAV7 PANDAMuaj më parë
  • Bro use warden ability. Welcome back!

    Realis PhraseRealis PhraseMuaj më parë
  • Do the walls look different if you upgrade them with elexir instead of gold?

    Brother-Z 1010Brother-Z 1010Muaj më parë
  • Everyone has their own play style so it all depends on what you like tou use in your army

    KegsBKegsBMuaj më parë
  • Use warden on air for air attacks. Use e drags with warden and use warden’s ability when edrags are on heavy fire with warden. Also use balloons in combination when u deploy e drags. Good attacks and good vid! Let’s see some more coc posts

    Ethan LansangEthan LansangMuaj më parë
    • Also the builder potion is about 8 hours off an upgrade

      Ethan LansangEthan LansangMuaj më parë
  • I would recommend you go down to master 2. I’m a new th12 and finding massive loot raids.

    Kristian ScottKristian ScottMuaj më parë
  • Love it Nick! Hopefully Kevim and Miss Sanders can find there way to COC.

    717badger717717badger717Muaj më parë
  • More clash

    Hag PlagHag PlagMuaj më parë
  • The regular builder boost for your home village takes off 10 hours of building time

    the personthe personMuaj më parë
  • In the builder base all barbs probably isn't the best unless the person has alot of buildings on the outside or maybe just one camp of them to clear a little bit but I would recommend bombers, giants and cannon carts and a really important part of this strategy is you battle machine. And if you have enough camps you should get two cannon cart camps.(this strat usually completely destroys everything) you will also learn how to use it once you get some experience with it. Finnally I'm finished lol

    the personthe personMuaj më parë
  • U can tell the second person u attacked in war is 12 by the base design

    83kirwi83 YT83kirwi83 YTMuaj më parë
  • Please make more CoC vids

    GuayoGuayoMuaj më parë
  • Hell yes I've been waiting for a long time.

    Al the AlligatorAl the AlligatorMuaj më parë
  • Can I join clan

    Shelby NicholasShelby NicholasMuaj më parë
  • Yes more coc please

    Mr. NameMr. NameMuaj më parë
  • A builder boost takes ten hours off

    Zachary PritchardZachary PritchardMuaj më parë
  • To answer your builder potion question each potion knocks off 9 hours so the time remaing aferward for a 1 day upgrade is 15 hours

    Nathanael OvermanNathanael OvermanMuaj më parë
  • One potion is 10 hours

    OAPS Grade 5OAPS Grade 5Muaj më parë
  • Hey Nick, glad to see you back on clash! Those walls need some work haha keep at it though! The game has definitely changed a lot since your last video 😅

    Beansbrigade GamingBeansbrigade GamingMuaj më parë
  • I only clicked becuz its clash of clans

    Vincent ZhengVincent ZhengMuaj më parë
  • anyone else yelling at the computer saying "NICK! 10 X 1 IS 10!!!" It's 10 hours off. Have a great day Nick!

    Joseph JohnsonJoseph JohnsonMuaj më parë
  • Use lavaloon there are different lava attacks find yours

    xHyperMist TvxxHyperMist TvxMuaj më parë
  • More clash of Clans pleae

    Connor MeyerConnor MeyerMuaj më parë
  • Yes more clash of clans! Always love watching u play this

    Cadene0017Cadene0017Muaj më parë
  • I need more of this nic pls deliver!

    Necrotizing lolNecrotizing lolMuaj më parë
  • New subscriber.... COC & Royale..... Love it!

    Heather SkornickaHeather SkornickaMuaj më parë
  • In the home village the builder potion is 10x faster so 10 sec of work is done in 1 sec. with this 10hrs of work is done in 1 hr. so using a builder potion is like magically subtracting 9hrs of upgrade time because it lasts for 1 hr

    Krish ChoksiKrish ChoksiMuaj më parë
  • Moar coc

    Dank MachineDank MachineMuaj më parë
  • Stay at th12. If you rush to th13 you will be flustered. You are already rushed don't make it even worse for yourself. Edit: I would personally recommend using ground attacks so bowlers. They work better than edrags and also cost less elixer (however it costs de.) Obv this is only my opinion and do whatever works for you.

    エディEduardoエディEduardoMuaj më parë
  • Yeeeees can't be happier right now so glad to see you back in clash

    RiddyTimRiddyTimMuaj më parë
  • I’m so down for a Clash “reboot” from ya

    Aj LaraAj LaraMuaj më parë
  • Drop loons before the edrags to lure out the seeking air mines, and pay more attention to your Warden, his ability can turn a 1 Star into a 3 star

    Andrew LiebmannAndrew LiebmannMuaj më parë
  • research and build potions take 10hrs off the time in an hour

    Michael HanMichael HanMuaj më parë
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Marinos DamigosMarinos DamigosMuaj më parë
  • More boom beach

  • Um 10x for 1 hours takes off 10 hours lol

    O GO GMuaj më parë
  • When u use a builder boost, it reduces 9h. Clock tower boost reduces 3.5h

    Muhammad NaufalMuhammad NaufalMuaj më parë
  • Now back to boom beach 🦾

    J.J. LangcuaJ.J. LangcuaMuaj më parë
  • More Clash Of Clans ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Sagnik MajumderSagnik MajumderMuaj më parë
  • Drop 1 e drag on each corner of the side that you are going to attack from for a funnel. Wait about a minute then drop the rest. Also, drop 1 loon with the edrags on the corners to bait are traps

    derpy ninjaderpy ninjaMuaj më parë
  • YASS! More Clash of Clans please! COC and CR both make the perfect combo. Let's go!

    Nafis MorshedNafis MorshedMuaj më parë