Kanye West - Closed On Sunday

Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Cody Ryder
Producer: Joe Faulstich
DP: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Company: Park Pictures
VFX: Chris Buongiorno
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Creative Direction: Angel Boyd




  • Kanye ‘Gay Fish’ West.

    Gallums GornerGallums Gorner17 minuta më parë
  • I love you kanye west love Kim kardashian

    Gladis DiazGladis Diaz20 minuta më parë
  • Am pretty sure Kim Kardashian was there like "Make sure my butt looks bigger and extra filters on my face " to the camera crew

    Loraine KatLoraine KatOrë më parë
  • To Be Continued

    ArmorInPlaceArmorInPlaceOrë më parë
  • Don’t preach diversity when you have none.

    VideoorbiterVideoorbiterOrë më parë
  • 1:32 The Lion King

    d gd gOrë më parë
  • Man when his daughter screamed I was like that's it??? I thought they was gon keep goin....keep it rollin'!!!

    Doron BondDoron Bond2 orë më parë
  • Close on Sunday “You my chipotle”

    Pikool SubhahiraPikool Subhahira2 orë më parë
  • I thought this was a Carheart commercial

    KELLKELL3 orë më parë
  • I am literally crying. This is the best thing I've ever seen. Kanye blesses all of us with this because we are all on the wrong path with all the satanic stuff in this world at the moment and this is epic...this is going to change a lot of people and let them show their faith and just listening to something with such a good meaning behind it... it's going to change the world into a better world. And I can't thank him enough... this is the best thing and I hope some more people are going to take the right path...

    Jane PerschinJane Perschin3 orë më parë
  • IT is siria?

    Natalya ShahinyanNatalya Shahinyan4 orë më parë
  • no just no

    Rosie PerryRosie Perry4 orë më parë
  • D

    Dmitriy ProsekovDmitriy Prosekov5 orë më parë
  • Is this video telling us to protect our families and prepare for something catastrophic in 2020 ?

  • The sad thing is, is that hardly anyone is living by TRUTH.... you can say Jesus Jesus but who really lives by his ways??? The majority will not be saved even though sooo many think they will be. Just because we are living in 2019 don’t mean Gods ways change. He is still the same with the same commandments! Open your eyes to TRUTH!!! Even to the little things, such as wearing pants and make up and also cutting your hair... Gods word says NOT to do it.... so why is almost every religious person doing it??? What if something that small could take you to eternity lost??? Think about it.............

    J LovelyJ Lovely5 orë më parë
  • The choir

    Hero86macHero86mac5 orë më parë
  • Anti christ prevails ?

    John Jane DoeJohn Jane Doe5 orë më parë
  • Top🤩

    King KingKing King5 orë më parë
  • Yeezy one of the best rappers alive because of his emotional/artistic expression so sophisticated

    Yazi BabyYazi Baby6 orë më parë
  • And Im Kanye West Bruh

    Sendal NyolongSendal Nyolong6 orë më parë
  • I haven't been involved with Kanye in a long time. I genuinely thought this was going to be some album about Kanye calling himself/comparing himself to God and I'm so glad to have been wrong cause this is amazing

    Kaitlyn AmosKaitlyn Amos6 orë më parë
  • I was sad few mins ago but Kris coming out of the tank made me laugh

    Moon ChildMoon Child7 orë më parë
  • Love it

    Natma DecorationsNatma Decorations8 orë më parë
  • All the dislikes are Illuminati agents lol.

    Modern MachiavelliModern Machiavelli9 orë më parë
  • Kanye a true artist fosho

    43best43best10 orë më parë
  • Why have this final with the girl...?

    Jubileu TranquilaփJubileu Tranquilaփ10 orë më parë
  • He's still got it. Great music

    Sean DearthSean Dearth11 orë më parë
  • Beautiful

    SamShapoSamShapo11 orë më parë
  • And then realized the song and vid are dope too

    Kalyani EssueKalyani Essue12 orë më parë
  • Who else came here just to hear North scream "Chick-fil-aaaaaaaa!"

    Kalyani EssueKalyani Essue12 orë më parë
  • Why doesn’t this song on Spotify have the other singers in the end? That’s like the best part

    Vitaliya RasevychVitaliya Rasevych12 orë më parë
  • How did I know this song was gonna talk about chik fil a lol

    Stephanie HarrisStephanie Harris13 orë më parë
  • Is it just me or is the ending cringe asf lol

    Nevaeh hhNevaeh hh13 orë më parë
  • Awesome video Mr. Kanye, but check out TheDreRock on AL-projects, Walkers/Fearless!

    Damien AlstonDamien Alston13 orë më parë
  • Kanye up to something 2020?.?.?

    Pablo PesoPablo Peso14 orë më parë
  • Kanye acting like Jesus went on vacation and left him in charge

    Sona KSona K14 orë më parë
  • It kinda scares me, is something gonna happen in 2020?

    ChoeyChoey14 orë më parë
  • Bruh I want some Kanye drip, not this weird ass fashion shit 0:41

    Ma xMa x14 orë më parë
  • This beat is so sexy

    DelinaDelina14 orë më parë
  • How come this video didnt blow up

    intiinti15 orë më parë