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We are finally moving in to the new place and setting up! In this video, I'm also sharing what breast pump I've been using so I can pump on the go! Welcome to our new house! We are so excited to be living in such a beautiful home with space to spread out. And we are excited to share it with you! I hope you guys love it as much as we do!
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  • Here's the link to the Elvie pump!

    Simply AllieSimply AllieVit më parë
    • Thank you for sharing! Gonna share this with my great nephews parents etc. That is such a great product and OMG if I had this 28 years ago.

      Michele PaceMichele Pace2 muaj më parë
  • i don’t even have a kid but i was so fascinated by that pump😂

    Mckenzie MaaningaMckenzie Maaninga3 muaj më parë
  • I have an Emersyn too! and I've NEVER met or heard anyone else with that name so it shocked me hearing you say it! haha

    My Life As MollyMy Life As Molly3 muaj më parë
  • I really like the idea of the Pump! Glad I seen this video

    Isas DanceIsas Dance7 muaj më parë
  • ‘Where’d the toys go?’ Well, Em certainly has her priorities straight. 😉

    Melissa SullivanMelissa Sullivan8 muaj më parë
  • Can you post link for the costco couch? And update how comfortable it is please? Thank you.

    Wanwisa KimWanwisa Kim8 muaj më parë
  • The little bed you have the baby in, rock and play thing. I had it for my daughter and it was recently recalled because 40 some odd baby’s suffocated in them. Just wanted to warn you in case no one else did!

    Kaylee ForsythKaylee Forsyth10 muaj më parë
    • Kaylee Forsyth I saw that and I’m so sorry to hear that! Breaks my heart. Oakley outgrew it a while ago and thankfully was safe the whole time he used it. We won’t be using it in the future

      Simply AllieSimply Allie10 muaj më parë
  • We have the same couch it's the best!! So comfy!! I've had it for 2 years now and I still love it!!

    Stephanie DuranStephanie Duran11 muaj më parë
  • You look so much like Jennifer Garner

    Chelsea NorthcottChelsea Northcott11 muaj më parë
  • How much was the couch you bought from Costco? I am moving and looking for a couch as well!

    Madeline SienkoMadeline SienkoVit më parë
  • That pump looks amazing! I just wish you could have offered a promo code.

    Angela BarlowAngela BarlowVit më parë
  • That is a cool breast pump. I need to keep this one in mind after I have my son since I will be exclusive pumping.

    Jess MarieJess MarieVit më parë
  • Just moved a month ago and we're unpacked but I still keep changing things and reorganizing, so I feel you!!!

    Kassie MeyerKassie MeyerVit më parë
  • Very beautiful home!

    AyyyAyyyVit më parë
  • I have the same tv stand, love your new home

    Rachel WyattRachel WyattVit më parë
  • love your couch!!!

    OaklynnRanchOaklynnRanchVit më parë
  • How long have you been using the pump? Pros/cons please

    Kelly WsnwskiKelly WsnwskiVit më parë
  • Would LOVE to see a video dedicated to you unpacking your kitchen!! It looks so good!!!

    mcrazeablemcrazeableVit më parë
  • Wow that pump is amazing! Wish I had known about it when I was pumping!!

    Patty AdamsPatty AdamsVit më parë
  • My 3 month old is teething too! Congrats on the new home! ❤️

    Jenny For Your ThoughtsJenny For Your ThoughtsVit më parë
  • Your house is lovely. Can't wait to see once your settled. You have such a beautiful family. Congrats!

    L FuentesL FuentesVit më parë
  • Why not give Emerson a toddler bed and give Oakley her crib? 🙂

    Jasmine NicoleJasmine NicoleVit më parë
  • I’m so happy that you guys finally have some space! It must be such a relief!

    Hannah BentsonHannah BentsonVit më parë
  • obsessed with this house I love!!! i’m so excited

    halle jimenezhalle jimenezVit më parë
  • Iam so happy for you❤

    Reem HarbReem HarbVit më parë
  • So I have to say I had to look this song and I ended up listening to and liking other songs by the same band. Thanks!!

    Yesi AvelarYesi AvelarVit më parë
  • Oooh a time lapse of you unpacking!!

    Lyn LyfestyleLyn LyfestyleVit më parë
  • So happy for yall

    avery cavery cVit më parë
  • Congratulations to you and your beautiful family on such a lovely home. God bless.🏡

    Mary NelsonMary NelsonVit më parë
  • I want to get pregnant again just to use this pump!! I stopped at 2 months because it was so stressful and exhausting to be attached to a pump! 😭 I am so getting one of these for the next one! This makes me so excited!!!

    Caylah ScottCaylah ScottVit më parë
  • I would have so much fun decorating in that house!!

    Ashley geradsAshley geradsVit më parë
  • Love your new home! Your daughter really looked like she loved it! It's so nice how much room you and your family have! I'd love to be in a big home one day...Congrats to you and yours!!

    Maleficent Dazzle ProductionsMaleficent Dazzle ProductionsVit më parë
  • Unpacking is definitely easier than packing. Decluttering comes with packing. Your house looks nice and you will get it all together and poor Oakley will have a bed and a put together bedroom soon. He won't notice till he's at least 3...… Can't wait to see it when you are all put together. Mary

    murphy1384murphy1384Vit më parë
  • Love your videos!! I just found you and your my favorite clean with me/vlog mamma to follow!! I would love to see a full kitchen tour! Im moving too to a place with the same kitchen layout and I'd love to see where you put stuff!!

    Weslie AlanisWeslie AlanisVit më parë
  • Hes such a cute baby! 😍💕

    Evelyn ZEvelyn ZVit më parë
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Sondra SixSondra SixVit më parë
  • I am so excited for you and the new house!!! I can't wait to see what fun adventures you will all have there!!

    Simply This LifeSimply This LifeVit më parë
  • House is looking good!

    LivingwithBCLivingwithBCVit më parë
  • Moroco

    Aasmae beautyAasmae beautyVit më parë
  • Why not pass the crib on to Oakley and give big sister a new "big girl bed" so glad to see you have so much more space. It's all looking good.

    Mrs. LamboMrs. LamboVit më parë
  • Great video. God Bless yas in the new home

    A CA CVit më parë
  • 💕So exciting 💕

    Betty MicshBetty MicshVit më parë
  • I really liked it, i didn’t want it to end! Haha can’t wait to see the overall look and decorations!

    Diana SusmaDiana SusmaVit më parë
  • Beautiful home! 🥰

    irma figueroa figueroairma figueroa figueroaVit më parë
  • agree with you on the sofa feet! black would be much better.

    Cynthia BassoCynthia BassoVit më parë
  • Omg the Elvie pump seems amazing! Especially for working moms who have to pump during work!! Thanks for sharing❤

    Beverly AndrewsBeverly AndrewsVit më parë
  • I'm shocked at the pump! I'm waaaaaaay past that stage, I have four kids, the youngest will be 10 in 2 days. But what a difference it could make for new working moms! 💗💗💗

    Charisa MartinCharisa MartinVit më parë
  • Cuteness at 4:37

    Cheyenne GaudetteCheyenne GaudetteVit më parë
  • His big ol’ eyes!!! My goodness. He is definitely all you!

    Meagan CecilyMeagan CecilyVit më parë
  • Instead of getting a crib for Oakley you should just get Emerson a big girl bed and give Oakley her crib. Just a suggestion 😊

    Shania RamosShania RamosVit më parë
  • This video absolutely made me happy❤ Congratulations on your new house

    Tomara ElaineTomara ElaineVit më parë
  • “Where’d all the toys go.!?!!” Oh my goodness soooo cute

    Karen WinnieKaren WinnieVit më parë
  • My goodnes your babyboy is so cute!!! You have such a cute family!!

    Pink landryPink landryVit më parë
  • Of course you know the old saying goes: that if your baby gets his first tooth at 3 months old you will be pregnant again before he is a year old. I believe in this cause my first born got his first tooth at 10 weeks old. And my second son was born 1 week before my firstborn’s 1st Birthday. Firstborn 12/30/92 and second-born 12/23/93 😊

    Melissa ThrasherMelissa ThrasherVit më parë
  • Congrats on your new place. I have a question. Where did you get that Minnie blanket & pillow? My daughter is a Minnie fan.

    Lindsay DoepelLindsay DoepelVit më parë
  • Hi. Just so you know, those style noise machines have a bad track record on amazon for being fire hazards. I had one that eventually started to smell like burning plastic and that’s when I discovered that many other people had the same issue.

    Michael VRMichael VRVit më parë
  • Great video! Love your new place.

    Katrice ffKatrice ffVit më parë
  • You could switch Emerson to a toddler bed and give Oakley her crib!

    Brianna NelsonBrianna NelsonVit më parë
  • Is Emmy ready for a big girl bed? You could could then move crib into Oakley's room.

    Sonja MaddoxSonja MaddoxVit më parë
  • I'm curious why you don't just put Emerson in a toddler bed and give the crib to Oakley? (Not being critical. I am just curious.) I really like your new home and seeing Emerson when she came in the door for the first time! I hope you are all settling in ok!

    Laura TLaura TVit më parë