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  • Trump is a very good pressintd he is better than oboma

    Nicole LooneyNicole Looney3 ditë më parë
  • The reason a lot of people don’t accept you people is because of your dumbass “pride” that is dressing up as the skinny, bowl-cutted dude from Dodgeball that accidentally swapped uniforms with the other team

    ChanxyChanxy6 ditë më parë
  • Sugar spice and everything nice haha that's a good one

    Cecil VandergriffCecil Vandergriff6 ditë më parë
  • Church you speak the truth and it’s funny when you say the facts

    Bleach1234Bleach12346 ditë më parë
  • Dude church you are so damn funny lmao 😂 lmao like this shit if you love church and think he’s funny asf

    Bleach1234Bleach12346 ditë më parë
  • Just because you can speak doesn't make you intelligent

    Th3FinlD0nutTh3FinlD0nut10 ditë më parë
  • I fucking love you upchurch

    Skul ClanSkul Clan18 ditë më parë
  • ahh, my favorite community LGBT: liqueur guns bacon and tits #RHEC #TRUMP2020

    cody schmidtcody schmidt24 ditë më parë
  • I'm so fucking dead

    Lance HartzellLance HartzellMuaj më parë
  • I don't agree with the pride parade using rainbows. It's offensive to rainbows! You know Trump is doing something right when the mentally ill community doesn't like him and the sane community does.

    Hop GuildHop GuildMuaj më parë
  • this is got to be one of my favorite videos Church has made, and I've seen'em all!.. I swear.. I laughed so hard.. I spit beer out at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a>.. that cracked me up!! Shout out from Jamestown Tennessee.. Getcha Pull! ;)

    KrazyRockKrazyRockMuaj më parë
  • Stardust and dinglenuts!!!!!!!! Omg I’m blue. Had to pause and laugh for 5 min. Fuck I wanna hang with you one day.

    Sloan BatonSloan BatonMuaj më parë
  • Lmao

    Nicky WhitmoreNicky WhitmoreMuaj më parë
  • You look like vrchat came to life that's hilarious.

    Jeremiah Rowe sr.Jeremiah Rowe sr.Muaj më parë
  • Pretty glad I'm not an aggressive dude or I would have fucked you up. I love this guy!! Lol

    Nicholas NettlesNicholas NettlesMuaj më parë
  • Church get my my goddamn gun😂

    Dalton EverettDalton EverettMuaj më parë
  • Those are some weird fuggins

    Jackson HallJackson HallMuaj më parë
  • I recently came to realize with myself that I am apart of the LG(B)TQ but this is weird

    Robyn KELLEYRobyn KELLEYMuaj më parë
  • with my ding a ling poking out lmao

    kristie vessellkristie vessellMuaj më parë
  • truest and funniest shit ever!!!!!!!!!

    my life your painmy life your painMuaj më parë
  • Gays and lesbians are messed up they need dang help 😂😂😂

    Ciara BatsonCiara BatsonMuaj më parë
  • Pride month is so messed up vr chat came to life lol that's halarious 😂😂

    Ciara BatsonCiara BatsonMuaj më parë
  • Lil nikki 😂😂😂

    Ciara BatsonCiara BatsonMuaj më parë
  • So Donald Trump wants to bomb China then he can bomb his own dick

    George urdockGeorge urdockMuaj më parë
  • How do I post this on my Facebook wall 😂😂😂😂

    Alexander PerkinsAlexander PerkinsMuaj më parë
  • Boooiiiiiii upchurch is great asf. Please do stand up comedies

    David HopsonDavid HopsonMuaj më parë
  • Funny how they get a whole month but our soldiers get one

    BreakingTheLinesBreakingTheLinesMuaj më parë
  • “Without being judged? Look what you’re fucking wearing.” Yo so truuuue! People gotta pay attention to how their actions affect others instead of thinking what they want is the most important! 😤

    ROARrapsROARrapsMuaj më parë
  • Fuck that shit!!! Straight up satanic shit... Sumn is definitely wrong with the people in our world.. They're is actually documented files for a thing that was created called the gay_bomb !!! And certain plastics w this chemical that is used in the plastics today?? Or this is entirely being done through the ba'al worship which is satanic!!!! Hmmmmm

    Believe It Or NotBelieve It Or NotMuaj më parë
  • How about we worry about our country rather than the world. It's going to shit with all this and the immigration

    GWGW2 muaj më parë
  • I used to not have problems with gays/lesbians but now this whole movement has changed my mind. The "normal" ones have allowed this to happen so f u c k them all.

    GWGW2 muaj më parë
  • God damn I love your videos

    Robbie BeamRobbie Beam2 muaj më parë
  • Nice

    J MartJ Mart2 muaj më parë
  • Omg lol that funny as shit. 😂

    NINJA NIGHT077NINJA NIGHT0772 muaj më parë
  • I sport trump

    hillbilly TV hillbillyhillbilly TV hillbilly2 muaj më parë
  • Pride parades are still fuckin dumb

    Lonewolf 66Lonewolf 662 muaj më parë
  • Fucking hilarious...at the end of the day you could probably do stand up comedy to...keep it coming.

    E PriceE Price2 muaj më parë
  • can't hit the like button enough.. right on Church!.. Correct!.. shout out from Jamestown TN! Getcha Pull! son! ;)

    KrazyRockKrazyRock2 muaj më parë
  • Describe Trump in one word - America. Love my fucking country 🇺🇸 I'm a proud bisexual as well 🏳️‍🌈

    Josh GriffithJosh Griffith2 muaj më parë
  • You fuckin piece of Tessa LMAO 😆😆

    Josh GriffithJosh Griffith2 muaj më parë
  • I am bisexual and would NEVER dress like a motherfucking fairy. I love America and all of our values.

    Josh GriffithJosh Griffith2 muaj më parë
  • The best way to explain pride u.s.a weed and mud

    the spookyspoksterthe spookyspokster2 muaj më parë
  • These motha fuckin fairies givin us a bad name... 😂😂 fuckin dead

    The Texan AmericanThe Texan American2 muaj më parë
  • Hey church is right that shit is fucking stupid as fuck

    Rebel HallRebel Hall2 muaj më parë
  • i could listen to upchurch laugh all night long <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

    LandonLandon2 muaj më parë
  • Look at this. When the truth is spoken they age restrict the video 😂😂💯💯

    living life w no BRAKES!living life w no BRAKES!2 muaj më parë
  • I thought this was a tekashi 69 concert too

    Jack RileyJack Riley2 muaj më parë
  • These people sound like they are on crack.

    Jack RileyJack Riley2 muaj më parë
  • Ryan, I love how you are the only person with the brains and balls to make this video. If we had people in Washington that were half as smart as you the world would be awesome. Love ya fuggin! #creeksquad #rhec #upchurchforpresident

    Storm WatcherStorm Watcher2 muaj më parë
  • This is like the fruit section in Walmart

    Jake GoatJake Goat2 muaj më parë
  • I really enjoyed this video 😍

    Bobbie Jo BlackmonBobbie Jo Blackmon2 muaj më parë
  • Bro wtf

    Dog CatDog Cat3 muaj më parë
  • Yo bro i can go on and on about the good shit he does and how his mouth and media fuck it up. Like i love his policies but wish they would take away his Twitter account lmao. All that aside you started clapping and my dogs ran into the room🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Travis WattsTravis Watts3 muaj më parë
  • Facts in this video and those libs are hypocrites and retards

    BEEFY 7895BEEFY 78953 muaj më parë
    • BEEFY 7895 can’t say that

      Hoes MadHoes Mad2 muaj më parë
  • 😯😲😳🤯 👏👏 👏👏 wtf lol that was funny 😅

    Jakki WolfeJakki Wolfe3 muaj më parë
  • I am a lesbian and some of things I have seen at prides are just wtf some of us would like to just be accepted and some people at the pride parade make that extremely difficult

    Amber GaughanAmber Gaughan3 muaj më parë
  • Fffuuunnnyyy

    hillbilly TV hillbillyhillbilly TV hillbilly3 muaj më parë
  • fuck them trump is fucking great

    Mīćhåėł_Tÿłër_HëśśMīćhåėł_Tÿłër_Hëśś3 muaj më parë
  • TRUMP 2020

  • Gay dude here and the LGBTXYZ community whatever the fuck isnt really about pride at this point. You speaking STRAIGHT FACTS RYAN 😎👌🏽

    Clay AftersonClay Afterson3 muaj më parë
  • I want to go to a gay pride parade where all rebel flag shit blasting on a loud ass speaker Donald Trump by up upchurch and screaming fuck gays

    Austin LeadinghamAustin Leadingham3 muaj më parë
  • Trump is terrible

    Renee LemkeRenee Lemke3 muaj më parë
  • I need ur crazy ex-boyfriend repellent

    Renee LemkeRenee Lemke3 muaj më parë
  • Why church always has a chipmunk cheek?! Always chewing something, what is in there???

    daniel rorgordaniel rorgor3 muaj më parë
  • I'm floating Valerie lmao 😂😂😂😂 I'm rollin.

    Roger BrannonRoger Brannon3 muaj më parë
  • You are soo cute upchurch

    Ashlie BlountAshlie Blount3 muaj më parë
  • Amen upchurch AMEN

    Ashlie BlountAshlie Blount3 muaj më parë
  • that was a damn spot on little nickie voice, talented mofucker all around! im jealous lol

    V Rapture VV Rapture V3 muaj më parë
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> thank me with a like and a comment

    Marionette KingMarionette King3 muaj më parë
    • I laughed at it for ten straight minutes

      charger chr320charger chr3203 muaj më parë
  • Dude your aswome

    Ashlie BlountAshlie Blount3 muaj më parë
    • Ashlie Blount awesome*

      Hoes MadHoes Mad2 muaj më parë
  • I love watching Upchurch roasting all these idiots

    Woodland TacticalWoodland Tactical3 muaj më parë
  • Speaking the truth as normal... Its just wrong....

    John 64322John 643223 muaj më parë
  • Um I’m black

    Brandon AngelBrandon Angel3 muaj më parë
  • 👏👏👏

    kennedy Lainekennedy Laine4 muaj më parë
  • I would go there and have a Donald Trump flag

    welcome to the circuswelcome to the circus4 muaj më parë
  • God made Adam and Eve not Adan and Steve

    Cole VannCole Vann4 muaj më parë
  • Lil Nickie😂😂😂😂

    John McDonaldJohn McDonald4 muaj më parë
  • Most of my friends are gay and they are teens and they think these people are weird

    coffeebean machine guncoffeebean machine gun4 muaj më parë
  • Dear how please someone tell my where that particular rythem came from?

    T [ S ]quareT [ S ]quare4 muaj më parë
  • Trump is one of the best presidents we ever had

    Lane ClaytonLane Clayton4 muaj më parë
    • .....

      lewis griffinlewis griffin4 muaj më parë