What I Got for Christmas! 2013 | Lindsey Hughes

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  • Why in the world do you need raiser blades :?

    Aaliyah CanoAaliyah Cano3 vjet më parë
  • Having a marathon of your old beauty and vlog videos!!!!! Currently watching June 18 2016.

    Riley DaughertyRiley Daugherty3 vjet më parë
  • Hate miley cyrus like more when she was a good girl

    Amberly CuelloAmberly Cuello4 vjet më parë
  • Literally watching this in October 2015

    Jalie HittnerJalie Hittner4 vjet më parë
    • Same

      Jerrica LeighJerrica Leigh4 vjet më parë
  • Watching this on 2015 Haha

    Rochelle GanaRochelle Gana5 vjet më parë
  • like if ur watching in 2k15

    twin baestwin baes5 vjet më parë
  • which video editor do u use??

    Malaikas WorldMalaikas World5 vjet më parë
  • My aunt has a ya filthy animal sweater in red

    Isabella PerezIsabella Perez5 vjet më parë

    Amber HargerAmber Harger5 vjet më parë
  • I have a hoodie footie! It's pink

    Sofia StadlerSofia Stadler5 vjet më parë
  • Christmas Eve 2014 so excited it's today!!!!!😄

    rhirhi5 vjet më parë
  • You look SO much like Bridget Mendler!

    Carly BrownCarly Brown5 vjet më parë
  • I really miss her dark hair

    Maria KyriakidisMaria Kyriakidis5 vjet më parë
  • You kinda remind me of Kendall Jenner

    Amber BrookeAmber Brooke5 vjet më parë
  • subscribe to me

    hey its savannahey its savanna5 vjet më parë

    Emma DaisyEmma Daisy5 vjet më parë
  • im so exited for christmas yay

    Jack WoodhamsJack Woodhams5 vjet më parë
  • Like if your watching on the 23rd of December 2014

    Kori KooksKori Kooks5 vjet më parë
  • +naysethxo so exited

    Orchard StarsOrchard Stars5 vjet më parë
  • dec 22 3 or 2more days

    L WL W5 vjet më parë
  • She reminds me of Debby Ryan ❤️❤️😚😚🎄🎄🎄🎄

    MJNJMJNJ5 vjet më parë
  • DECEMBER 20TH 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nayseth FernandezNayseth Fernandez5 vjet më parë
    • Merry Christmas

      Monaethebeauty 1Monaethebeauty 15 vjet më parë
    • @Megan Hirst now 9hours

      ohitsaniya _ vlogsohitsaniya _ vlogs5 vjet më parë
    • 2 more days

      Megan HirstMegan Hirst5 vjet më parë
    • @Missdonald2082 1 more dae

      ohitsaniya _ vlogsohitsaniya _ vlogs5 vjet më parë
    • 3 more days! ❤️🎅

      mcvlogsmcvlogs5 vjet më parë
  • Like if u are watching in 2014

    MyMakeuplife 03MyMakeuplife 035 vjet më parë
  • The thing is from home alone

    Ellie MEllie M5 vjet më parë
  • How are u gon call her a garden tool n u dnt kno her stop hating and stay off her case thanks and p.s this is a girl

    Crown Prince ProductionsCrown Prince Productions5 vjet më parë
  • Am i the only one who reads comments before watching the video?

    Dani PDani P5 vjet më parë
    • Omg! ME TOO lhh

      Winter RayvenWinter Rayven5 vjet më parë
    • I read them during every video I watch. I'm serious. It's become a habit for me. xD

      Lily AlexanderLily Alexander5 vjet më parë
    • No

      JordanJordan5 vjet më parë
  • Sorry that's a little gross she hasn't changed her socks in 3 days

    Faye KaneFaye Kane5 vjet më parë
  • you loom like a girl in a series called faking it

    minnie pedersenminnie pedersen5 vjet më parë
  • I'm already watching these I've been watching these since thanksgiving I'm so ready for Christmas this year ! It feels like christmas started early this year

    Lyssa WeimerLyssa Weimer5 vjet më parë
  • you should get an elf on the shelf please

    Natalie DicksNatalie Dicks5 vjet më parë
  • I'm watching this in November is any one else

    Daisy BroadbentDaisy Broadbent5 vjet më parë
  • me

    Mani ManiMani Mani5 vjet më parë
  • great video

    Cara ReynoldsCara Reynolds5 vjet më parë
  • I have the same stoking

    Minon15Minon155 vjet më parë
  • I'm so excited I'm watching on November I can't wait for thanksgiving to pass so I can give stuff to my friends and family on Christmas!!! YAY!!! 💜🎄🎅🎁💜

    AlondraAlondra5 vjet më parë
  • I love miley cyrus tooo

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
    • @Annabella Mercury Yes, but no one asked for your opinion on Miley Cyrus. :)

      sallysally5 vjet më parë
    • @sallywashere Its my opinion free country. I can think what I want and say what I want. If I think shes a whore then I think shes a whore and I CLEARLY said that its fine if shes living her dream IF you didn't read my previous comment...

      Karista AKarista A5 vjet më parë
    • hey u r nice unlike some pepole

      Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
    • @Annabella Mercury She isn't being a whore, she's being herself. Miley is so sweet to her fans, and she never did anything too you so i dont understand why your hating on her... hattterrrr

      sallysally5 vjet më parë
    • free country idiot

      Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
  • is her nose pierced??????

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
    • oh ok

      Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
    • She did get her nose pierced before but I don't know if she had it in during this video

      Cydnie PaulCydnie Paul5 vjet më parë
  • whos watching this now ? xD

    ciara roseciara rose5 vjet më parë
  • Half the clothes she got were like super ugly!😷

    Grace CramGrace Cram5 vjet më parë
    • Haterrrrr

      Brooke BridglandBrooke Bridgland5 vjet më parë
    • Not to her.

      Avery KoehlerAvery Koehler5 vjet më parë
    • hey if u have somthin nasty to say keep it shut puhlease

      Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis5 vjet më parë
    • *hers

      Emma WestEmma West5 vjet më parë
    • I could say the same about yours. That's so judgy. People have different styles and behaviors and you have to respect. Stop acting ignorant because your style isn't better than yours.

      Emma WestEmma West5 vjet më parë
  • DO YOU HAVE A SISTER OR SOMETHING? i swear on my life someone on here i recently watched had like the same stocking.

    Brianna AleneBrianna Alene5 vjet më parë
    • She does yes :) Miss Meghan make up or something like that :)

      M.C.HM.C.H5 vjet më parë
  • lol y'all need to calm down it really dosent matter if she listens to OF or not it's a hoodie she likes and she's entitled to own it even if she dosent listen to OF so just calm down.

    Jena HallJena Hall5 vjet më parë
  • like if you watch these videos for ideas for christmas!

    Bubble ManiaBubble Mania5 vjet më parë
  • November 1st.. GETTING CLOSE

    Moli Haf RobertsMoli Haf Roberts5 vjet më parë
    • Dec 24

      Imogen webImogen web5 vjet më parë
    • 3 days 🙉😱

      Bridget and AmberBridget and Amber5 vjet më parë
    • Dec 22😱

      Shelby WrightShelby Wright5 vjet më parë

      Moli Haf RobertsMoli Haf Roberts5 vjet më parë
    • December 20, 5 more days till Christmas

      Monaethebeauty 1Monaethebeauty 15 vjet më parë
  • Its October 25th and cannot wait till xmas

    Pebbles & Smudge FPebbles & Smudge F5 vjet më parë
  • I have that sweater

    Leila CiaraLeila Ciara5 vjet më parë
  • so cute

    orange snoborange snob5 vjet më parë
  • How else watches this in the middle of August

    Victoria Saint-PreuxVictoria Saint-Preux5 vjet më parë
  • I'm having a marathon of your videos. they're all awesome. omgggg.

    Marilyn OrtegaMarilyn Ortega5 vjet më parë
  • Do you like odd future ?

    morgaannnnnn22morgaannnnnn225 vjet më parë
  • I just game across this but this is the best Christmas haul I've ever seen. You're truly unique and amazing in every single way.

    Olivia MarieOlivia Marie5 vjet më parë
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> tika can you stop snoring LOL

    Yelithza LopezYelithza Lopez5 vjet më parë
  • Where does she live

    Piper McFarlandPiper McFarland6 vjet më parë
  • I ♥ ur earing ur lepord patern sweater and the donut top/ sweater

    Tony JefkinsTony Jefkins6 vjet më parë
  • Great video, I love all your prezzies except off the miley cyrus pillow! I hate her!!

    Ella DavidsonElla Davidson6 vjet më parë
    • How dare you

      Yasmine JohnsonYasmine Johnson5 vjet më parë
  • i take it u dont even listen to OF -.-

    koalahkoalah6 vjet më parë
  • Your eyeshadow and hair look fantastic.

    kelssrosee44kelssrosee446 vjet më parë
  • That's not a komono I would know I lived in Japan

    Becca SurginBecca Surgin6 vjet më parë
  • No offence but I HATE Miley Cyrus I used 2 luv her but na

    Anna MasonAnna Mason6 vjet më parë
  • the hoodie is not "from odd future." odd future is a rap group.

    Raquel OgdenRaquel Ogden6 vjet më parë
    • Obviously OFWGKTA has sweaters you can buy...

      HannahBeauty352HannahBeauty3526 vjet më parë
  • Lol she is still in her PJ's :)

    Cassidy CannonCassidy Cannon6 vjet më parë
  • Love Miley Cyrus

    Claire SunClaire Sun6 vjet më parë
  • I love you and your vids

    BingLBIBingLBI6 vjet më parë
  • Omoye rocksOmoye rocks6 vjet më parë
  • you look so pretty in this video

    Lauren McDLauren McD6 vjet më parë
  • Ohh

    Alexandra SchulzAlexandra Schulz6 vjet më parë
  • Your in hit-streak now congrats

    Llama PokerLlama Poker6 vjet më parë
  • awwww the donuts are too cool :)

    melisa sozermelisa sozer6 vjet më parë
  • Do you even listen to OF?

    Sandra BSandra B6 vjet më parë
    • Why does that matter?

      Nicole ChanNicole Chan6 vjet më parë
  • I saw u on hitstreak

    Candace JacksonCandace Jackson6 vjet më parë
  • How old are you

    baqer alhisnawibaqer alhisnawi6 vjet më parë
  • Do a video on your car pls

    Kelyn WellsKelyn Wells6 vjet më parë
  • Your socks match your onezi

    Kelyn WellsKelyn Wells6 vjet më parë
  • She didn't buy the hoodie jeez guys this is a CHRISTMAS HAUL it was a gift! It's not like she went to the store and thought "wow this donut hoodie looks cool im gonna buy it" It was a present and she can't just reject a gift even if she doesn't listen to them. That would be really rude.

    AmandaAmanda6 vjet më parë
  • Pls do a lip balm collection:)

    Sameeksha JayramSameeksha Jayram6 vjet më parë
  • How can u like miley cyrus she a slut now

    amber wrightamber wright6 vjet më parë
  • I loved this video

    rochie couturerochie couture6 vjet më parë
  • subbed bc miley

  • My BBF has that onesie 😝

    izzy theobaldizzy theobald6 vjet më parë
  • Do you even listen to odd future?! Cause when you pulled the jacket out and said it has donuts I was like she doesn't know who Odd Future is. ✋

    Laura H.Laura H.6 vjet më parë
    • She didn't buy the hoodie herself, she got it for Christmas so it doesn't matter if she listens to them or not. Because it's not like she went out and bought it herself because she just thought it looked cool. Someone gave it to her. And she can't just reject a gift just because she doesn't listen to them that would be extremely rude.

      AmandaAmanda6 vjet më parë
  • You like smiley Cyrus

    Aqsa MuhammadAqsa Muhammad6 vjet më parë